the ice-cream manifesto.

In June 2012 The Guardian asked Bridget to be a part of their £100 Challenge – with a limited amount of money to make small booklets of poetry, she was supposed to sell them and hopefully make a profit, then write an article about it. The Ice-Cream Manifesto is the result. The collection consists of 11 poems: 

King’s College Hospital / Bridget’s Handbag / Skin / Hypocrites & DDs aka Thank You Rupert Murdoch, Lots of Love, the Suffragettes / Heart / Summer / Manifesto (for Run Dem Crew) /  The Clean Version of ‘Yonkers’ / Waterstones on Clapham High Street / Biro Pens, Not Maury Povich / Häagen-Dazs and Palestine


If you would like a copy of The Ice-Cream Manifesto, you can buy one online and I will post it out to you. If you send me a tweet or an email, I’ll know who to sign it for, so make sure you do that too! They cost £3, which is cheaper than a tub of Häagen-Dazs vanilla ice-cream even when Sainsbury’s has it on sale. 

(people have asked if this is a book or a pamphlet - it really isn’t. Think more ‘pieces of paper stapled together by a 20 year old’ as opposed to ‘published literary pamphlet’ I’m afraid. But I think you can enjoy these anyway!)